"Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference." - Nolan Bushnell

Nelson is an Entrepreneur and Certified Mental Health Professional who specializes in Behavioral Analysis and Intervention for Youth who struggle with mental or behavioral health challenges.

From his experience and training in behavior, Nelson applied his skills to help Startups with creative direction, marketing, digital monetization, media production and scaling as a Brand Strategist for nearly a decade. 

As an avid hooper, Nelson bootstrapped the original Pickup Basketball App, "Ballertag" as a way for the Youth he serves to find open courts as an outlet away from street/gang life to help build more positive peer groups. Nelson can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram and Apple Podcasts as a Published Podcast Host and advocate for underserved communities. 

Problem solving is the essence of Social Work. One of the most rewarding careers next to Teachers are Social Workers. Social Work was never known for it's great salaries, however, in this new technological economy, becoming a specialist does not only increase your salary but allows you to help and support many more families. Nelson's Behavioral Health Career Training will put you on the path to becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Professional. 

Do you hate your job? How confident are you that your job will still be relevant next year? Mental and behavioral healthcare will always be a relevant profession because the mind is just too complicated for computers to simulate emotions. As robotics are replacing many laboring jobs, the value of Social Work will increase and the need for Certified Professionals will increase alongside the pay. Become a Certified Behavioral Health Professional.

Ballertag is the official pickup basketball app for Android and iOs. Discover courts nearby, schedule your own games, invite friends, grow your following and view court activity in realtime! 

Nelson sits down with Entrepreneurs that are on the rise! This Podcast is business with a personal development and mental health twist! Now more than ever Millennials need real answers about what goes on behind the scenes in businesses that are going through growing pains and more! 

From the psychological conditioning of social media, low paying jobs, student loans and how America went from being about family to individualism and social status it's never been more important to understand how to get ahead. Now at the tail end of Season 3, Nelson prepares for a 4th Season filled with Celebrity guests! 


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When you experience a person who shows you kindness and support you should never forget it! Being able to reciprocate that feeling to someone else is the essence of being a good human being. Be a good human.

Founded in 2019, our mission is to bring back Streetball culture the way it is supposed to be managed, grown and experienced. Over the years we’ve seen poor leadership run great brands into the ground. Our leadership team helped generate over 3 Billion across 35 countries and 45 industries! We don’t just offer services, we live and breathe it every day for communities that need support who love this game as much as we do.

100+ 5 star reviews on Google

100+ 5 star reviews on Google

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